About Us

The idea for Shuddha Herbs hit me when I gave birth to my daughter mid-pandemic. Every Indian household has natural home remedies that are passed down for generations and my mother-in-law gave me various herbs to recover quickly postpartum. I was shocked to see how quickly I lost all my water weight and had my blood flow back. My skin was glowing in no time. This made me question why the health benefits of natural ingredients aren’t talked about much in the USA. After doing some digging I saw there was a gap in the US market for plant based supplements that have quick & great health benefits. With a consistently growing demand for natural products I approached Jin and told him we should start a business manufacturing plant based supplements that aren’t currently available in the USA.

After intense R&D and sweat and time investments we came up with our product Arth, which is a first of its kind product in the USA – something we are very proud of. We added 2 more products we believe the USA needed as they target leading health concerns here. After 2 years of bootstrapping, clinical trials, supply chain chaos due to the pandemic, US FDA approvals and other hurdles, we finally launched our brand and products in 2022.

We are excited because our products have already been market tested and have been getting great reviews from our customers. This motivates us that we are on the right track to shape consumer demand when it comes to personal health & preventive medicine.