Ingredient Information

What allergens our products are free of?
Any person allergic to peanut oil or soy oil should refrain from taking this product
Do our products contain nuts?

All our products are made following strict GMP requirements where every equipment is deep cleaned between different batch manufacturing, however, our products contain oil derived from nuts

Are our products vegan?

Breezil and Ashwagandha Boost are 100% vegan while Arth is 100% Vegetarian

Are our products soy free?
Product may contain soy oil
Are our products gluten free?
We do not use any gluten containing ingredients in our products.
What are the ingredients in your Vegan caps?
Our 100% vegan capsule shells are made of HPMC (Commonly known as Hypromellose)
What are our sources for Lecithin & Glycerin?
Lecithin is derived from Soy beans while Glycerin is derived from vegetative sources
Are our products Non-GMO?
All our products are 100% non-GMO
How long are our products good for?
All our products have a minimum shelf life of 3 years from date of manufacture
What is the best way to store our products?
Our products are best stored in a cool and dry area away from sunlight under temperatures of 86F (30C)
Do our products react with any medication?
Our products do not react with any medications and have no-known side effects
Can I overdose on these products?
Our products are made with 100% natural ingredients. You will not overdose

Purity & Ethical Practices

Do we have 3rd party testing?
Our 3rd party testing is needs based, however, majority of our testing is done in house because of the sophisticated equipment & know-how we possess on how to test our products. Our testing and quality labs have been audited by a third-party lab to ensure the scientific validity of our instruments and methods. All our ingredients & products are USP grade.
Do our products contain heavy metals?
We are true to our name, “Shuddha” means pure and our products are just that. All our products are devoid 100% of all and any heavy metals. We test all ingredients for heavy metals including lead, mercury, arsenic & cadmium. We also test all our ingredients and products for pesticides and these tests are carried out in accredited third party labs.