Ever since we were kids we have been told to get an adequate amount of sleep to be well rested. Being well rested will lead to a better day tomorrow as your body has recovered its energy and your subconscious mind gets to work its magic whilst asleep. So it’s no surprise that as adults we value our sleep much more, you know since our energy levels are not the same as when we were younglings. Most adults today value sleep but seldom get a good uninterrupted night of good quality sleep. Don’t be mistaken because the value of good sleep cannot be undersold. Over time if one has a good and regular sleep cycle, the benefits are often seen first hand. Many of which are:

  1. Boosting your body’s Immune System
  2. Strengthening your heart health
  3. Improving your overall mood
  4. Increasing your productivity
  5. Increasing your exercise performance
  6. Improve your body’s memory function
  7. Help regulate your weight

These are just some key health benefits one can experience when maintaining a regular and adequate sleep schedule. It’s best advised to put your phones on the DND (Do Not Disturb) mode when going to bed so you’re not disturbed mid sleep by night owls who can’t.

A great source of boosting your body’s quality of sleep, Ashwagandha has clinically proven benefits for improving your memory, reducing your stress and giving you that much needed good quality of sleep; if taken regularly. Just like working out the effects will be seen when consumed regularly and over time. But we highly recommend sparing a few minutes of your day to consume Ashwagandha and start improving your life – and sleep – style. 

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